Advertiser Publisher Guideline

First of All, thanks for your interest to co-operate with us. We want out viewer to have the best experience when they come to visit our site. We have written this Advertiser & Publisher Guideline to help you help us and yourself.

Publisher Guide

To publish

  • you will need to register an account with us using the Register link.
  • Then get in touch with us to become an Offer Publisher

Once approved, you can publish with us provided you follow the guideline below

  1. You must not publish the same offer twice within at least three months. You can rent one of our designated advertisement positions instead. However, you may seek an exemption provided satisfactory explanation
  2. You must not use the “Hot Offers” Label. “Hot Offers” label is reserved for OfferHawker Administrator Only.
  3. Your content must have Good Image (max-width 1280px) at the beginning followed by offer description. Check this post for a practical guide.
  4. You must not use any external ad code in OfferHawker platform
  5. OfferHawker admin decision is the final decision in any dispute that may arise in an unfortunate scenario
  6. Publishing with us implies that you accept the above Terms & Conditions (T&C) as well as any future update to this T&C

Advertiser Guide

We are happy to welcome any legitimate business to advertise with us. Please refer to the rate below as a reference.

For 728×90 Advert Space Above Slider

  • 195 taka per day
  • 695 Taka per week
  • 1295 Taka per month
  • Two months discount when you pay for a year

For 336×280 or 300×250 Advert Space in Sidebar Top (Below Social Icon)

  • 225 taka per day
  • 795 Taka per week
  • 1495 Taka per month
  • Two months discount when you pay for a year